Hackers Fore Hire

Second Tier

Gavin Velour

Male Dwarf, Gavin is a former Ares employee. Fired for embezzling, he now lives in the Barrens and makes ends meet by parceling out his skills as a Hacker to just about anyone.

As a ‘generalist’, Gavin can be counted on to perform any of your basic hacks. While a novice compared to ‘professional’ Shadowrunners, he’s about two steps up from most spiders, and more importantly has a lot of insight into the mindset of corporate security types.

Charlotte DeVries

Chalotte is a combat hacker, and specializes in tearing apart enemy data and systems. She has little interest in control and subtlety, but if you need someone to slash and burn their way through a secure system, she’s your gal.

A former UCAS military hacker, she can also pilot just about anything this side of a spaceship, and is more than capable of handling herself in physical combat, as well.

Blue Spiral

Brash, hyper, and over-enthusiastic, BlueSpiral manages to come off as a cool customer in the matrix, and a tiny elven maniac in person. The Technomancer is young, but skilled at more subtle matrix activity – breezing in and out of systems, relying on sprites for defense while she pillages digital fortresses. She also tends to go exploring, and may be a liability for a serious team when she pokes the wrong system.

First Tier

Cost to Hire: 3 Shares
Non Negotiable

Sylex0 is an AI evolved from some seriously brutal IC. Almost nothing is known about it, save that it accepts Nuyen in exchange for its services. It appears as any number of animated advertisements, usually some kind of alcoholic beverage.

Sylex0 is not a subtle creature, and treats most nodes like shotguns treat tissue paper. It also tends to leave little surprises behind it, in the form of custom data-bombs and worm viruses. While highly aggressive, it does generally stick to the mission.


Yoshimi Yamato
Cost to Hire: 2 Shares

Physically, Yoshimi is an attractive Japanese woman, though rarely dressed to impress – she’s much more often wearing stained coveralls or a jumpsuit than designer dresses. Her specialty is signals and Electronic Warfare, though she is more than competent in all but Black IC attacks. She is well practiced in infiltration and scrubbing the tracks of runners, and tends to bring a couple of highly customized drones along for fun.

She is a consummate professional on the job, and is considered one of the more subtle hackers in the ’Plex.

Hackers Fore Hire

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