Prime Runners

A short of list of the Missiplex’s most well known (or well notorious) Shadowrunners. Naturally, only street names are used. If they have a WabashaWiki handle, it is listed in parentheses next to their name.

Chi Pow Lu Gun (Shih) – Meditative and calm, Chi is officially Notorious with his fifth official dead or alive bounty! The fastest Metahuman in the ’Plex is a well known infiltration and wetwork specialist, and is kind enough to share his thoughts on a variety of subjects.
Specialties: Japanacorps, Wuxing, Triads, Ancients, Milspec Firearms

Gavin Velour (Silk) – A former Ares Aerospace Spider. He’s been in the Shadows for a short time, but started in Matrix security before there even was such a thing.
Specialties: Corporate etiquette and security design.

??? (Sasquatch) – Despite the name, he’s a Troll. And a pirate. And a thief. And so on. His merry band operates more like a gang than a group of runners, but the Last Saskatchewan Pirate is known to act as a fixer to those who’ve earned his trust.
Specialties: Smuggling, Underworld Politics, Raiding, Pillaging

??? (Norseman) – Secretive and mystical, the Norseman offers valuable insight into Awakened matters for us from time to time.
Specialties: Awakened Matters, Nordic Religion, and Fine Art

[Redacted] (Ocho) – A semi-public figure, whose name is concealed for legal reasons. Ocho is a well respected figure on the local boards, and his insight into Lone Star is invaluable, so please respect his privacy.
Specialties: Lone Star, Legal matters, (un)Safehouses.

Rack (Rack) – A Barrens’ troll’s Barrens’ Troll, Rack is a well regarded runner. While not the sharpest blade in the sheath, he’s a survivor, and that alone earns him considerable respect. Lately he’s become something of an environmental advocate, and has aided in the release of several data-bombs related to ‘clean up efforts’ that have caused Mitsuhama and Saeder-Krupp some embarassment.
Specialties: Soykaf, Barrens & ’Plex Politics, Environmental Politics

Rashomon – A literal Street Samurai, the troll is easy to spot (though difficult to find, natch) due to his homemade armor and rebar ‘katana’. Obviously, he’s not right in the head, but the big fellow is known to appear suddenly when people are in distress.

Sylex01 (Sylex01) – A nomadic AI spawned from some like, just, Killer IC. Any rumors that he was summoned by technomancers in the MOA is pure bulldrek. It regularly contracts with local teams, and has a demonstrated mean streak. Still, at least it’s honest, though it commands a pretty steep fee, and no one is sure what exactly it might be using all that money for.

Ulrike (Ulrike) – Our favorite razorgal. Despite her, ah, defection to Tamanous a few years back, Ulrike still offers her valuable insight and occasionally her skills to the local scene. She also reputedly knows the secret recipe to the Stuffer Shack Triple Bacon Deluxe Burger’s Secret Sauce, which she will tell to anyone who angers her sufficiently. Silk has not eaten one since learning it.
Specialties: Cyberware, Bioware, Underworld Politics

Yoshimi (PrincessP) – A top flight rigger and hacker. Not too hard on the eyes, if her Lone Star BOLOs are anything to go by.
Specialties: Yakuza intel, Drone and hardware design, Hacking and Hackers

Yuri Sondai (Mario) – Master Mechanic to the streets, Mario is our most public member. If you need some vroom in your vehicle’s tune, he’s your wrench monkey.
Specialties: Vehicles, Drones, and International Politics

Prime Runners

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